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The purchase, restoration and renovation of old churches

The purchase, restoration and renovation of vintage churches

The San Francisco, California, U.S.A. House of Worship
The San Francisco Locale Congregation in California
San   Francisco   Congregation was the first local congregation to be established in the US mainland. The proclamation was made on August  14, 1968 by Brother Erano G. Manalo at the last leg of his groundbreaking US visit that year (the same visit that established the Honolulu Congregation in Hawaii), which marked the fulfillment of the prophesied gathering of God's children in the Far West. vintage

First house of worship in the US mainland
After the establishment of San Francisco Congregation, the number of local congregations starting  out as committee prayer groups grew in stantaneously in the West. But San Francisco was not to be outdone. The second eldest of the Church's foreign congregations set another record by being the first congregation in US mainland to acquire its own house of worship.

     It took San Francisco congregation  only less than three years before it could have a house of worship of its own. By the end of 1970, under the leadership of Brother Eddie San Gabriel as resident minister, the building situated in a corner at 2899 Clay Street and Divisadero Streets  was purchased.  The building was renovated and converted into a suitable place of worship where the brethren would hold their religious services.   The dedication service for the house of worship was held in February 1971. The imposing edifice  with its trademark  Ionic columns housed the Church's first Office outside Philippine when the District of Califonia was established in 1976 as a supervisory arm of the Central Office over all local congregations not  only in that state but also throughout western hemisphere at that time. 

2-chapel-San Francisco2


The King Williamstown, South Africa House of Worship
The King Williamstown Locale Congregation in South Africa

When the St. Christopher Private School announced that it was putting up its property at Alexandra Road for sale, the congregational leadership immediately called real estate agents as well as the ministers of the Church in Europe. The property formerly belonged to the Anglican Church. Built in 1882, it was sold to the school in the 1980s.

     After a large amount of paperwork, the building was acquired by the Church of Christ on July 6,1998, Renovations took quite some time as the building was old and the school had converted it into an assembly hall. In addition to hiring professional contractors, the brethren also helped in the renovation work in whatever way they could. On January 30, 2000, the house of worship was dedicated to God. Brother Emiliano Magtuto Jr. was sent by the Church Administration to officiate at this momentous occasion. Thus, the first local congregation in South Africa was officially established. The first resident minister, Brother Erwin Gorgonio, arrived on June 15 of that same year.
8-chapel-king williamstown1
Built in 1882 by the Anglican church. It is one of the oldest building in the area.  It was purchased by the Iglesia ni Cristo on July 6, 1998.
It was then restored, renovated and improve to become an appropraite House of Worship of the Iglesia ni Cristo. It was dedicated to God on January 30, 2000.

8-chapel-king williamstown1


The La Motte, Iowa, U.S.A. House of Worship
The La  Motte Locale Congregation in Iowa
The formerly known Holy Rosary Catholic Church located in Iowa, USA was established in 1893 by the Catholic Church. 119 years ago, Catholic church leaders have used holy water around the sanctuary in order to do this, a common practice of Catholics during dedications.

And back to the present day, this same church has been dedicated again, but this time, by the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) with tears of happiness and religious fervor during a 2-hour ceremony attended by 850 people that tripled Jackson County's population of 260.

It took 2 months to turn an old church that stood empty for 5 years and renovate its sanctuary. The renovation stripped away the stained glass windows, crosses and crucifixes and has improved its utilities through adding of crystal chandeliers and high-tech media systems to name a few. Local firms were hired by the church to do the renovation which includes a rich wood interior altar furnishing.
Credit: Dave Kettering, Telegraph Herald
The Holy Rosary Catholic Church located in Iowa, USA was established in 1893 by the Catholic Church.  It was closed four years ago and has sat empty ...until it was bought by the Iglesia ni Cristo in June 2011.
"It was sad to see our church go, but doing this right like they did has given it back some of its glory," said Mike Bonifas. "Sitting here empty, it was an ugly reminder of what was here, the social center of our town and our religion," added Gary Bonifas. "This is an overall plus for the community."

During the dedication, a 48-voice choir in white robes with sage-green trim marched in perfect step from the back to their seats in the front of the congregation. The hymns were rich and as these songs and prayers begin, the congregation were overcome by emotion, many quietly sobbing.

"I think people had reservations (about the new church) at first," said La Motte Mayor Paul Konrady, who attended the dedication, "But as a whole, they are pleased now. This brings this building back to life."
By Mary Nevans-Pederson, TH Staff Writter
8-chapel-lamotte2 8-chapel-lamotte3

The old church was renovated and improved to become an appropriate house of worship of the Iglesia ni Cristo. It was dedicated to God on January 4, 2012

The Newport, Wales, U.K. House of Worship
The New Port Locale Congregation in Wales

      A 100-YEAR-OLD former church in Newport that served as a performing arts academy has been returned to its use as a place of worship after a £1.6 million project.

      The Philippines-based Iglesia Ni Cristo, which translates to Church of Christ, has renovated the Grade I-listed Burleigh Hall in Llanthewy Road, Newport, to be a base for its congregation stretching from West Wales to the West Country.

      The church is the first of its type in Wales to serve members of the Church, thought to have between four million and nine million members. According to planning documents the building was constructed as a baptist church in 1912. In 1996 the church was closed and was later used as the Burleigh Academy.

      Restoration work on the £1.6 million project, funded by donations from the Church’s members, has included restoring some of the church’s pews to their original design. Contractors replaced the church tower’s steel structure, and a stage was installed at the front of the sanctuary for ministers to give services.

      Crystal chandeliers hang from the sanctuary’s ceiling, but within the church there are no pictures of Jesus Christ – the Church does not worship idols. Members of the Church come from all over the world but the vast majority are Filipino.

      He said more than 1000 members came to see the church dedicated on August 23, with an average of a couple of hundred attending other services.

      Brother Tony Smith, district minister, said Burleigh Hall was an “absolutely beautiful building. It has so much character.”

      “The congregation went for a number of years without a proper chapel. “They rented halls here and there until the time came to find a place of worship,” he added. Tuesday 25th September 2012 in News



Originally the Llanthewy Road Baptist Church, Newport. According to planning documents the building was constructed as a baptist church in 1912. In 1996 the church was closed and was later used as the Burleigh Academy.  Photo © Martin Crampin, Imaging the Bible in Wales

The old chapel building of imposing design, a prominent local landmark in the area, was restored, renovated and improved  to become an appropriate house of worship of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. It was dedicated to God on  August 23, 2012...

The Manchester, England House of Worship
The Manchester Locale Congregation in England

     THE PEVSNER architectural guides call it 'the grandest surviving Baptist church in south east Lancashire'.The Iglesia ni Cristo group has paid £750,000 for the 7,378 sq ft building. INC now intend to use the building as a place of worship but also as spiritual study centre, residential accommodation and ancillary offices. Located on Edge Lane, Stretford, it was opened by textile magnate John Rylands, as the Union Church for Congregationalists in 1867.

     The church was built by the very devout Rylands as his personal place of worship which is close to his house – the latter now almost completely demolished - in Longford Park.  After spending time as an office, the gorgeous church with its giant order Corinthian columns and broken pediment, is returning to its original use. It’s been bought by Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), the Phillipines-based Church of Christ.


Originally the Union Church for Congregationalists located on Edge Lane, Stretford, it was opened by textile magnate John Rylands in 1867.

The gorgeous church with its giant order Corinthian columns and broken pediment, is returning to its original use as a church for the Iglesia ni Cristo Manchester Congregation.  It has been restored, renovated and improved to become an appropriate House of Worship of the Iglesia ni Cristo which was then dedicated to God on August 26 , 2012.

Washington D.C.

The INC is now officially registered and recognized in washington D.C. the seat of the goverment of USA.

A newly bought St. constantine and Greek Orthodox Church in washington by INC for renovation.

Source: http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=462628&page=31


Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church

4115 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20011


" One Parcel Containing 1.82 Acres (79,062 SF)
" R-1-B Zoning for the Entire Property
" High-Visibility, High-Traffic Location
" School Building- Three Stories, 16,370 SF (Fully Leased)
" Church Building- One Story with Basement, 14,800 SF
" Close Proximity to Downtown and Capitol Hill

" At the intersection of 16th Street, NW and Upshur Street, NW in Washington, DC
" High-Visibility, High-Traffic Location


WASHINGTON, D.C. — J Street Cos. has represented Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in the sale of its church and school building at 4115 16th St. in Washington, D.C., to Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) for $9.2 million. Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church plans to build a new church in Silver Springs, Md. Andy Wolf of J Street Cos. and Tony Lofrumento of Summit Commercial represented the sellers, and Arlene Fernandez of Allison James Estates & Homes represented Iglesia Ni Cristo.

source: http://www.rebusinessonline.com


The Washington D.C. Congregation  House of Worship was dedicated to  God on  September 10, 2012. >>>>




Not sure of the building's age but this is one of the properties acquired by the Church in Australia that's to undergo expansion and renovation. The address is 10 Daisy Street Croydon Park Burwood NSW and named the Locale of Canterbury...

Source: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?p=94563324



Amsterdam, Netherlands
COUNTRY LAKE - The former Dutch Reformed church in  Landsmeer gets a new faith community. Daily Waterland message that the church was sold to the Christian church Iglesia ni Cristo which was founded a century ago in the Philippines.
Acccording to head deacon Red Rico Ramos in Amsterdam, worship services are now being held in rented spaces in Dordrecht and the Hague. Landsmeer becomes the first truly owned places of worship of the Church of Christ which was officially registered in Amsterdam.
The transfer of the church through the notary is provided on Friday, 15 February. Until then, Ramos wants nothing to say about the agenda, and how the rate at which the church is prepared for the new church.

Less than a year after the local congregation of Amsterdam is officially established, they welcome another great blessing. Join them as they dedicate a majestic house of worship to God in a worship service led by Brother Eduardo V. Manalo during his third stop on his European Pastoral Visits. See how the Church of Christ stands as a beacon of hope in Amsterdam.

The former Dutch Reformed Church Landsmeer, a national monument, was built in 1852. It is a hall church with built tower with a wooden crown. The interior has a number of things from the predecessor of the present church preserved.

Source: http://www.noordhollandsdagblad.nl/stadstreek/waterland/article20517083.ece/Iglesia-Ni-Cristo-in-NH-kerk-Landsmeer?lref=vpwt

Dedicated to God on June 6, 2013 for the Locale Congregation of Amsterdam

Bronx, New York, U.S.A. House of Worship

Iglesia Ni Cristo - Locale of Bronx
1343 Fulton Ave, Bronx, NY 10456
, Bronx, NY 10456

Picture of the old church building which was built in 1931

Formerly owned by St Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church, it was bought by the Iglesia Ni Cristo on 2010 and conducted intensive renovations. It was dedicated on December 31, 2011 by the INC Executive Minister Eduardo V. Manalo.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Filipino church buys Belfast landmark building

A Christian Science Church building behind Queen's University, Belfast has been sold to the worldwide Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) which has its headquarters in the Philippines.

A handing-over ceremony took place yesterday in the landmark building. The church, a listed building, was bought for an estimated £600,000.

The building was placed on the market last year, and generated wide interest among potential buyers, but the bid from the Filipino religious organisation proved successful.

The Iglesia ni Cristo was established in 1914 and has some 27 million members in more than 5,600 congregations worldwide. Its Supervising Minister for Europe, Pepito Y Acuesta, who was present at the handover, told the Belfast Telegraph: "We are pleased to be moving into this building which has been well cared for."

He said the church was growing rapidly and added: "We are neither Protestant nor Roman Catholic. "We are the Church of Christ, and  everyone will be made welcome."

The local branch of Iglesia ni Cristo was established in Belfast in 1988/89 with seven people, and the congregation now has several hundred members.

They will move into the new premises from their current east Belfast base as soon as possible.

Source: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/northern-ireland/filipino-church-buys-belfast-landmark-building-29117177.html 

Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.  House of Worship
Dedicated to God on January 6, 2013
Source: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?p=98941145

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